Events for Clergy Jan Richardson

Lenten Portfolio
Treasures in the Wilderness

The season of Lent invites us into a wilderness landscape that seems stark, yet there are rich treasures to be found as we navigate its terrain. As with Advent Portfolio, this event draws us deep into the season, exploring its stories, themes, and images from the inside out. In the familiar texts we will find new sustenance for ourselves and those whom we serve.

Our tools for traveling into this season will include collage, storytelling, music, writing, and lectio divina (sacred reading). Our emphasis will not be on producing finished work but rather on creating a treasure trove of raw materials—a portfolio-in-progress filled with ideas, images, words, stories, and insights that will inspire and ground you as you enter into Lent and Easter as a preacher or other liturgical leader. This event offers a space for engaging the texts at the level of the soul and imagination: for doing the deep internal work that will help the Word become flesh in you, and prepare you to journey with others toward the cross and the empty tomb.

In addition to preachers, we welcome worship leaders, liturgical artists, and others engaged in leading worshiping communities through the liturgical seasons.