Copyright permissions Jan Richardson

Jan's images and words have been widely reproduced in a variety of media, and she is always delighted to receive requests to make use of her work. As with most creative work, there are copyright considerations, and we appreciate your care with these. We know that most people haven't had occasion to think about copyright stuff, and may not realize how crucial copyright matters are in helping to ensure that creative folks can continue to offer the kind of work that's meaningful to you. So we've put together a few guidelines to help make it easy. Any questions, simply contact Jan.


We are pleased to make Jan's artwork easily available for use in worship, education, and other settings. We invite you to visit Jan Richardson Images, where you can download high-resolution files of her artwork for printed or projected use in congregations, conferences, and other venues. You can purchase individual images or, with an annual subscription, you can have access to all the images on the site (within the Guidelines for Use).

Jan's artwork has also appeared widely in formats that include books, magazines and journals, curriculum resources, posters, and newsletters. For these and other uses that lie beyond the standard Guidelines for Use, please drop her a line with information about how you'd like to use her work, and she will be pleased to talk with you.  


These guidelines apply to use of quotations from Jan's books or from her blogs The Painted Prayerbook, The Advent Door, Sanctuary of Women, and Devotion Café. Separate guidelines apply to her book In the Sanctuary of Women; for requests to reprint material from In the Sanctuary of Women, please contact Upper Room Books.

  • In worship: Quotations from Jan's books or blogs, including prayers, blessings, and poems, may be used in worship settings without requesting permission, provided you include a brief credit line with Jan's name and the source of the quotation. Your inclusion of a link to Jan's website (—or, if quoting from one of Jan's blogs, a link to the blog—would be a welcome form of support.

  • In books and other publications: Quotations of prose of up to 500 words may be used without permission from Jan, provided a credit line is used that includes the following information: title of book, Jan's name, publisher, copyright date, and Jan's website ( To use quotations of more than 500 words of prose, or to use poems (this includes prayers or blessings written in the format of a poem), please contact Jan.

  • On a blog or website: We are pleased for you to repost excerpts from Jan's blogs or books on your blog or website, provided a brief credit line is included. If you're reposting material from one of Jan's blogs, thanks for including a hyperlink back to the original blog post.

Thank you for your consideration and your support of Jan's work!