Events for Clergy Jan Richardson

The Preacher as Artist

Form, texture, line, color, perspective, composition: the work of the preacher is much like the work of the artist. As we enter the sacred stories of the scriptures, how do we create from them in a way that engages not only the minds but also the souls and imaginations of those who listen? The artist's studio offers a rich place to begin.

"The Preacher as Artist" draws on the creative tools and working practices of the artist to draw us deeper into the sacred art of preaching. Paying attention to the process, taking creative leaps, navigating dry seasons, creating anew from pieces and scraps, imagining the unimaginable, finding wellsprings that inspire us and sustain us over the long haul: as we draw on these themes and rhythms in the creative life, we'll find insights that will transform us as people called to the act of proclamation.

During this event, we will spend time with artful materials as part of our reflection and conversation. Know that previous experience as an artist is not necessary, and our opportunities for creating are welcoming, inviting, and will open surprising doors for you. We'll also spend time exploring ways to engage art in preaching and worship.

"It is time for religions to open the eyes of a world that believes it has seen everything."
—Daniel Kantor