Retreats and events Jan Richardson

An invitation into a thin place . . .

Jan travels widely as a retreat leader and conference speaker who is known for her hospitality and her engaging style. From brief workshops to longer events, Jan creates safe spaces that invite participants to enter into the work that is sometimes difficult to do in daily life. Comfort as well as challenge await in these settings, with each participant discerning when to seek Sabbath rest, and when to stretch into new terrain in their soul.

In these settings, Jan seeks to evoke the kind of space that ancient Celtic folk described as a "thin place." In the physical landscape and in the turning of seasons, there are places where the veil between worlds seems especially thin: a meeting of heaven and earth. In such places, it's not that the sacred is somehow more there than in other times and places; rather, something about the lay of the land, or the moment in time, invites us to be more present to the Spirit who is always present with us.

A space to enter into your own story . . .

No two gatherings are the same; Jan designs each to meet the needs of the group. She often offers events that focus on such themes as the sacred seasons of the year (especially Advent and Lent), spiritual practices (including the labyrinth, lectio divina, and other contemplative practices), the creative process (particularly art and writing), and the intersections of art and faith.

Each event typically weaves together sessions for the whole group, times for personal reflection in solitude, and small group conversations. Whatever the theme, Jan provides options for creative engagement using simple, easily accessible techniques. She is constantly amazed to see what happens when people have the time, space, and tools to reflect on their lives.

Listening to your life, for the life of the world . . .

In retreats, conferences, and worship settings, Jan offers a distinctive experience that engages partipants at the level of soul and imagination in a way that makes a difference in how they return to their daily lives.

Jan schedules events up to two years in advance and would be delighted to talk with you about possibilities for your group. To begin the conversation, contact Jan.